Monday, July 9, 2007

I think Bob Wickman is trying to kill me.

In the past two weeks, I have watched two Braves games (the blog isn't called Bad Braves Fan for nothing).

Both of these games were on Sundays.

In both of these games, Bob Wickman has tried to give me a heart attack.

Don't give me that look, Bob. You know what you're doing.

First was last week against the Marlins, where the Braves made an exciting comeback to grab a one-run lead in the top of the ninth, only for Bob to give up that lead on the second pitch he threw to Marlins catcher Miguel Olivo.

(I believe the TBS graphic after the home run said that Olivo is 5-for-5 in his career against Wickman, with a double, a triple, and two home runs... which means that Olivo hit a cycle off Wickman in his first four at-bats. That's a slugging percentage of 2.800, for God's sake.)

Fast-forward to tonight, where Wickman comes in to the ninth with a four-run lead to protect, and allows five hits to the Padres (the team with the lowest batting average in the National League) before he gets Marcus Giles on a borderline strikeout to end the game with the tying run in scoring posish. The only good thing about tonight's game, besides the fact that the Braves are only two games back of the Mets at the All-Star Break, is that I found out that my bedroom door has a wall protector for times when you burst through the door in disgust.

Including last Friday's appearance where he gave up three runs in a third of an inning before being lifted for Tyler Yates, that's three shitshows in a span of five appearances. To Wicky's credit, he's still doing better than the new Transformers movie.

NL East Standings
NY Mets 48-39
Atlanta 47-42
Philadephia 44-44
Florida 42-47
Washington 36-52


The Guy Banging Grimey's Mom said...

You know your mom loved the Transformer movie, at least the parts I let her come up for air for.

Jenny said...

I think I might be trying to kill Bob Wickman. Haven't decided yet . . . we'll see how things go in the second half.

That cloying look on the face of Friar Tuck is so Wicky. I hate how he makes that kind of pathetic, betrayed-looking face when he's blowing a save, it's infuriating.