Monday, March 31, 2008

The good and the bad from Opening Night.

The good: The Braves' new alternate road unis. Me likey. Much better than the Sunday reds, which make me feel the same disgust as when I see an entire family wearing Crocs.

The bad: George W. Bush's alto queso, or "high cheese" (thank you Dave Campbell from High Heat 2002). On the radio, Chip Caray did mention that W was wearing a kevlar vest underneath his jacket. It's sad how things have changed since that horrible Reggie Jackson incident.

The good: Tim Hudson's WHIP, sitting at 0.43 right now... which happens when you retire 17 straight batters. And since this is my first season playing fantasy baseball, I actually care about this now.

The bad: Uh, this happened....

(video purloined from Mister Irrelevant)

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Monica said...

Are you going to be covering today's opener against the Nationals?? !! I'm watching the game while I look up stats on the Nationals with Google TV through my employee subscription to DISH Network; the way they are playing, the Braves are going to kick some butt!