Saturday, March 8, 2008

I got my Uzi back (you dudes is whack... face it, Bad Braves Fan is back).

A lot sure has happened since I put this blog on hold. Here's a quick recap....

* Braves pick up Mark Teixeira from the Rangers for Jarrod Saltalamacchia, meaning now I don't have to worry about who the fuck Scott Thorman is more than the occassional pinch hit appearance or Tex day-off.

* Bob Wickman gets released, meaning now I can go to all-ages pop-punk shows in peace. (However, I am still too old for that shit.)

* Michael Vick gets indicted, meaning now I can put funny captions on pictures of athletes and a lot of people will giggle incessantly.

* I made an awesome Chinua Achebe reference. (You should be impressed too, I could've went with The Roots.)

* Edgar Renteria gets traded to the Tigers for pitching prospect and native Curacaoan Jair Jurrjens, meaning now that Andruw Jones is gone, there can STILL be Curacao Beach Towel Night at Turner Field.

(Note: I have no idea if this was a recurring promotion throughout the Andruw Jones era, but it should've been. Beach towels are probably the only accessory that makes The Wave tolerable.)

By the way, I have still done nothing to improve my status as a Braves fan... I didn't buy a Brian McCann jersey like I said I would, and I only went to two pro baseball games last year... both at Wrigley Field (Cubs v. Reds, then Cubs v. Cards). So I know better than to make any promises this year.

Except that I'll try to keep up the blog at least until the middle of August this year. I'm setting the bar high.


Mike Whiteman said...

You're being a bad blogger. come back. I suggest you do a piece on Jorge Campillo and his uncanny likeness to Tuco from the Good the Bad and the Ugly

John said...

I agree with Mr. Whiteman. Come back!! The Braves need you to cover them this year; they’re going to be great! I'm watching their game against the Nationals while I look up stats and player bios with Google TV through my employee subscription to DISH Network; the way they are playing, the Braves are going to kick some butt and I think their season is going to reflect this game.